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Play draft fantasy football for free with as many friends as you want. Create a league, draft your teams, then compete against your friends for the title. Personalise your club with stadium upgrades, club assets and much more.

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Head to head matchups

Once your league has drafted, checkout the fixture list for the season. Select your starting 11 and compete head to head each week for the for the 3 points.


Unrivalled Scoring

Our scoring model is the best in the business. We use Opta's most detailed feed to analyse 40 scoring categories, for every player, in every game. We pipe them directly into our web and mobile apps, LIVE and in real-time.


Own your club

Name your stadium and make it your own with custom pitches and stadium facilities. Checkout new items in the Dugout FC store and personalise your Dugout FC matchday experience.


Create a Season, Month or Week long competition. You can invite as many friends as you want and the Dugout FC app will automatically create divisions within your league to add that extra excitement of relegation and promotion battles to your fantasy football.

Dugout FC draft
Dugout FC draft


Login to the live draft room on draft night where ever you are, with our amazing web and mobile apps. Use your shortlist to plan out your draft and make use of our auto pick feature if you aren't able to attend the draft.

Dugout FC Store

Personalise your club in the Dugout FC store, earn or buy Dug$ and create the best club in your league.

Dugout FC draft