The ultimate fantasy football experience

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Dugout FC Stadium

Draft your unique team

Draft night is the biggest night of the football season! So get the lads around for your draft night or join in remotely.


The draft order is randomly generated and reversed each round, so whether you get first or last pick, everyone has the same chance to pick a quality squad. In Dugout FC there really is 'only one Wayne Rooney' so be sure to shortlist the players you want, prior to draft night.

Kick off your season properly with a draft night party, at home or in the local pub. With our desktop & mobile apps you can draft wherever you like.

Our Scoring model is The Daddy

We utilise stats from Opta to power the best scoring model in fantasy football.


With analysis on up-to 2000 detailed events during a live match, every on-the-ball contact can affect your score… be it POSITIVE or negative

Dugout FC is social

Keep in touch with your league opponents 24h a day with our instant messaging platform.

Talk football or jeer your mates in the matchday hub and finally bring the terraces to fantasy football.

Hold the trophy aloft and share your results & achievements across social media.

Head to head matchups

Compete in a weekly matchup against your friends or managers from around the world.

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw & a long coach ride home for a loss. Dugout FC is as close as it gets to real world football.

Had a bad result? Don't worry there's another 3 points on the line next week.

Live Matchday Hangout

Once the gameweek starts, you can track your matchup, LIVE wherever you are.

Hangout in the matchday hub on gameday for real-time score updates and chat with your opponent.

Out shopping with the missus? Don’t worry, the Dugout FC mobile apps keep you up to date with all the in-game action & chat messages... you won't miss a thing.

Become a Dugout FC legend

Got the minerals or will it take you 10 years to win some silverware?

Gain global legendary status with tracked manager honours & stats

Think you’re the special one?

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