How to play Dugout FC

Dugout FC is a draft based game, meaning completely unique teams per division. Before the season starts managers take part in a draft event to pick their squad of 18 for the season.

Dugout FC mirrors real world football with head-to-head battles every week. Each manager competes for the most fantasy points, the team with the most at the end of the gameweek gets the 3 points.

After the draft the fixtures are created for the season.

If you have an odd number of managers in your league, don’t worry! Dugout FC’s Caretaker Manager will play against one person each week for the 3 points. The Caretaker Manager scores the average of all other teams in the league that week.

Once the season starts, login to the Matchday Hub on game day to see how you are getting on and chat with your league opponents. You’ll get live score updates on every stat that scores you fantasy points.

Dugout FC has the best scoring model in fantasy football. We make every player in every position important by tracking every on the ball action. We assign points values to every contribution, not just the hollywood categories.

At the end of the gameweek, whoever scored the most fantasy points gets the win and takes home the 3 points, a draw gets you a point, a loss gets you nothing.

When the season starts you can stay up to date with all the league action on Android and iPhone. Check out our apps!

Getting Started

Create or Join a League

You can create public leagues that other football fans can join OR create a private league for you and your friends. Users can request to join private leagues, the league owner retains ultimate control of who joins.

Leagues can contain an unlimited number of divisions, each division can have a maximum of 10 teams.

Divisions are created automatically as your league requires (e.g. Dave is your 11th friend to join, the 2nd division will be created)

League owners can manage the current teams in their league from the league options screen. League options include:

  • Edit league badge & details
  • Manage draft dates/times
  • Move teams between divisions
  • Remove teams from divisions
  • Resend league invites
  • Respond to join requests

The Draft

The draft date/time will be set by your league owner.

There are 18 rounds in the draft, during each round a manager will pick 1 player to add to their squad. The order of the first round is completely random, the order is reversed for each round after that (e.g. if you got 10th pick in the first round, you would get 1st pick in the second round).

Before the draft begins, you can shortlist as many players as you like. You can also order the shortlist to put what you think will be the best players at the top.

If you can’t attend the draft, make sure you enable auto drafting in your divisions live draft room. Dugout FC will automatically select the player at the top of your shortlist.

During the draft you can still search and add players to your shortlist, your shortlist will update as players are drafted by others and become unavailable.

On each turn, the manager has 2 minutes to make their selection, if they do not make a selection in time:

  • The player at the top of their shortlist will be automatically selected
  • If they have no players in their shortlist their pick will be skipped

Once the draft is completed each team will have a squad of 18 players. Each of these players is now owned exclusively by their respective manager. If there is a player you really want in your squad, you will need to entice their manager via a Transfer.

Whe you have your draft, the transfer window for the EPL remains open. Players who sign to Premier League clubs after your draft go into a temporary state called 'Contracts Expiring'. All fantasy clubs can offer these players a contract, the player will then decide which fantasy club they wish to join. Contact offers are processed on Monday & Thursday nights.

Gameplay: My Squad

Select your starting 11 for each gameweek.

  • You must field a legal formation (Formation Rules).
  • The deadline for submitting a lineup is 1 hour before the first kickoff of that gameweek (e.g. 12:45pm kick off, 11:45pm deadline)
  • Once the deadline has passed, your lineup is locked for that gameweek
  • If you do make changes to your squad, be sure to confirm those changes
  • You can change gameweeks and set your lineup for future gameweeks or review historical lineups
  • You can change your formation by replacing players in different positions. (e.g. swapping a forward for a midfielder would change your formation)

Gameplay: Fixtures

The gameweek fixtures are released immediately after the draft.

Gameplay: Gameweek Matchups

Each premier league player scores the fantasy points individually based on what is happening in the real premier league games.

Your gameweek starting 11 will score points towards your gameweek total.

There are no automatic substitutions for players who do no play, so make sure you do your homework!

Players score points for all of their on the ball actions, some positive, some negative. Points values & scoring criteria is also different per position for some categories so view the scoring rules.

Gameplay: League System

Dugout FC brings the reality back to fantasy football. Dugout FC allows you to create a proper league system with multiple divisions & the excitement of promotion and relegation.

League positions are dictated firstly by League Points. If teams are tied on League Points then they will be ordered by Fantasy Points (FPts) scored. In the unlikely event of teams tied on both League Points and Fantasy points, they will be ordered by goals scored.

At the end of the season, the team at the top is declared the champion. If your league has multiple divisions then the top two teams are promoted and the bottom two teams are relegated.

Gameplay: Transfers

All the players that do not belong to a squad in your division are free agents. You are free to transfer these players in and out of your squad whenever you like, as long as you do not go over the limit of 18 squad players.

When a player is dropped from a squad, managers can offer them a place in their team. In the event that more than one manager wants that player, the player will choose one of those teams at random.

Managers are able to trade players between each other through transfers. If you like the look of a player from another squad, you can make a transfer offer to their manager. Transfer offers can consist of one or more of your players for one or more of theirs. You can make transfer offers at any point in time, and the opposing manager can choose to either accept, reject or counter the offer.

Be careful! When transfer negotiations are ongoing for more than 24 hours, the papers will get wind of it and publish the story as a transfer rumour to all the other managers. At this point, other managers can hijack your deal with an offer of their own to either manager.

Formation Rules

  • Exactly 1 goalkeeper
  • Minimum of 3 Defenders
  • Minimum of 2 Midfielders
  • Minimum of 1 Forward
  • Maximum of 3 Forwards