Know Your Smarties

Dugout FC strategy from a football family veteran

  • 17 Mar
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  • by Jeff Moffatt
Know Your Smarties

As we all know, statistics can be manipulated to present the preferred view of the presenter.

Take the humble tube of ‘Smarties’. Inside there are a number of brightly coloured coated chocolate sweets. If asked what flavour is the sweet, we would all answer ‘chocolate of course’. But if asked what colour is a ‘Smartie’, we would probably struggle to give a precise answer, other than I guess ‘various, red, blue, brown, green, violet, yellow, pink and orange’, with few of us remembering all the colours.

So what is it that I am trying to say and what the hell has this to do with football management and Dugout FC in particular? Well, by now you will either be reaping the rewards of your clever tactics in the pre-season draft, subsequent team selections and pick-ups/trades, or you will crying in your beer as you face the prospect mid-table mediocrity or worse, relegation and the inevitable sacking that will follow.

To be a successful Dugout FC manager, your squad (or should I say tube of Smarties) has to be balanced, too many of one colour (players from the same team) and you are likely going to suffer as their form cycles. Similarly, having the whole Chelsea defence in your squad might have seemed like a good idea at the end of last season, but well, we all know how that has turned out.

It’s not just a case of picking 18 well known players and throwing them on the pitch each week, as with other fantasy league formats, relying on goals, assists and clean sheets. It’s all about balance.

Depending on the fixtures, it’s sometimes better to have 11 players on the pitch from mediocre teams than big names from the traditional top four, whoever they are now. Many of the big names don’t hit their scoring categories regularly enough anyway. Better therefore to get 4 or 5 points from the majority of the 11. Of course, this won’t happen for you every week, but do it regular enough and you will be fine, check out the average Fpts/G for the top of your particular league table and tell me I am wrong.

So, as we approach the home straight of this inaugural Dugout FC season, take a long hard statistical look at your current squad to work out which of your ‘Smarties’ performed best for you. Compare this to the successful squads in your league, then store this ‘valuable’ information somewhere safe, ready for the big draft night ahead of next season.

We all make mistakes, but those that do not learn from these mistakes are foolhardy. I was that foolish test user last season, but now I have finally learned.

Good luck to all for the final push.

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