Leicester now believe they can win the Premier League

Leicester state their intentions with Ranieri mind games

  • 13 Feb
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  • by Andrew Moffatt
Leicester now believe they can win the Premier League

Leicester have refused to be drawn on the subject of winning the Premier League up until now, but one sure sign of that belief is your manager entering into tactical mind jousting with your title rivals.

Arsene Wenger is already under intense pressure as Arsenal appear to be bottling their title charge once again. Arsenal have dropped to fourth after a series of poor performances and this weekend's clash with a buoyed Leicester team will provide no respite for Wenger's floundering Gunners.

Ranieri has finally shown his teeth and it wasn't because of one of his Jokes in the Friday presser this time, he's declared a thumb war... Of the mind! Ranieri has suggested that it would be 'a disaster' if Arsenal don't win the title, adding more weight to similar claims from ex Arsenal greats earlier this month.

Leicester are already in the bonus zone after massively over achieving, so they are currently playing with such freedom that even the top teams are there for the taking.

The stage is set for a Premier League classic, Arsenal vs Leicester is live on Sky Sports at 12 noon on Sunday.

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